I'm Sarah.

I am a recent first-time-momma and have been married to my best friend for almost two years. My hubby, our son, and I live in Ohio in a quiet, small town surrounded by farms and corn fields. 

Time Recaptured was born out of a passion for creating and saving memories in a tangible way. I love looking at a photo from the past and how it can take you back in time and bring back emotions we never want to forget. Pictures really do speak a thousand words, and those words are often exactly what we need to recapture beautiful pieces of time. 

During any photo session, my favorite thing is to capture the candid moments... the laughter, the joy, the smiles, the googly-eyes when a couple looks at each other. These moments are so perfect and so pure, they make stunning, beautiful memories that can be held onto for a lifetime with a single photo. I would love to help you recapture these moments, too.

Complementing photography, I also love design and online marketing. As a graduate from Otterbein University, I took what I learned about design and communications and have been able to apply it to jobs, but also to my life. Designs are marketed all around us everyday - advertisements, social media promotions, business branding, invitations, and more - and I love having a hand in making that design better for anyone searching improve it in their own lives.

Feel free to contact me anytime regarding your next desired project, anything from family photos to a new logo for your startup business. If it’s a creative task, I’m sure I would able and willing to take it on!


This I love...

A little more about what makes me tick

My family holds a very large place in my heart. I probably don't express enough to each of them how important they are to me, but they are my world. 

Christopher and I said our I do's on May 20th in 2017 and have been enjoying married life since! He always encourages me to go for my dreams and experience new things. As one of the best Diesel technicians out there, he is amazing at fixing any/all the things I tend to break (hehe) and he is one of the smartest, strongest men I know. My life would be way less exciting without him, and I am so thankful that we worked together in the same building for two weeks. If it were not for those two weeks, we may never have met, and I would not have the life I love today. I am so happy to have Chris and I love going on adventures with him and am excited for our future together. 

I am mommy to a crazy one-year-old boy Killian Timothy. Chris and I are excited about experiencing parenthood as a team, and look forward to raising a strong, fearless boy together. I am so nervous and excited to have a little guy depending on me, and I love that God has blessed me with him!

I am also proud to say that I am also a step-mama to the fast-growing, dirt-bike-loving Corbin. He has taught me so much and I am thankful to be a part of his life.

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything." -Michael J. Fox